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Our firm helps individuals obtain Protective Orders, Restraining Orders, and Peace Bonds. We encourage you to seek legal advice about the different options available to you and your family. A Protective Order, Restraining Order, or Peace Bond is only a piece of paper, so it cannot protect you from someone who does not care about the consequences of their actions. You should consider having a safety plan in place. 

Protective Order

 A protective order is a civil court order that protects family violence victims for up to two years. 

Temporary Ex-Parte Protective Order

A Temporary Ex-Parte Protective Order will last up to 14 days.


Emergency Protective Order 

​A Emergency Protective Order will last up to 90 days. 

Restraining Order

A restraining order is a civil court order that preserves property and protects parties who have a lawsuit pending. A Temporary Restraining Order is most commonly used in a divorce, custody, and modification of custody, however, it can be used in other cases. A Temporary Restraining Order will last up to 14 days.

Temporary Injunction 

A Temporary Injunction will last until the final order is issued by the court.

Permanent Injunction

A Permanent Injunction can last up to a period determined by the court. 

Peace Bond 

A peace bond is used to protect someone after another person has threaten to harm them. A judge will require that the person who made the threat deposit funds into the court. If the person acts on the threatened criminal actions, then the funds will automatically go to the state. A Peace Bond usually last for up to one year. 


Who can help me with a:

Protective Order?

Our office or the Harris County District Attorney's Office. 

Temporary Restraining Order?

Your current attorney or if you do not have an attorney then our office can help you obtain a TRO. 

Peace Bond?

Our office can help you obtain a Peace Bond. 

Where would I file the documents for a:

Protective Order?

District Clerk's Office in your county. 

Temporary Restraining Order?

In the court where you case is pending. 

Peace Bond?

Justice of the Peace Court in the precinct that you live in. 

What Texas statutes apply to a:


Protective Order?

Texas Family Code, Chapters 82 through 85. 

Restraining Orders?

Texas Rules of Civil Procedure,  Section 5, Rule 680.

Protective Orders?

Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 7. 

​​​Discuss your options in a confidential consultation with an attorney in our office.

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