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The Law Office of A. Green is dedicated to the practice of family law, divorce, and child custody cases through out Harris, Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Matagorda, and Montgomery County. We will take a team approach with you to achieve results that will best address your needs and concerns. Our office will empower you by educating you about how the law in Texas applies to your specific case. We will encourage you to take control of your case as we guide you through the legal process. 

Our office is mindful that family law, divorce, and child custody cases can be very stressful and difficult to go through while still maintaining your day-to-day responsibility, therefore, our office is dedicated to providing customized attention to your case while maintaining communication and keeping you informed. 

Our office focuses on providing legal advice and representation that is: 


Although our office will strive to address your needs and concerns, we will first focus on providing you with legal advice that is sound and practicable within the four walls of the law. We take pride in ensuring that we provide each of our clients with honest and straight forward answers throughout their case, even if that means that we have to inform our clients that their goals are not practicable.  


At every stage of your case we will be focused on protecting your rights, whether that means we have to go to trial or we are able to settle outside of court. We will work with you to conduct comprehensive investigations surrounding your case to avoid any surprises during the legal process. Our office will create attack plans that are strategic and will ultimately help you win your case. Our office values working relentlessly and skillfully for our clients. 


Since no case is entirely alike, our office will avoid cookie-cutter approaches, and instead we will take the time to evaluate the best option for your specific case. We will tailor representation to your needs by first evaluating your complete situation before we present you with an attack plan that would be appropriate for your case. 


Our office looks forward to working with you on your case!


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